All The Info upgrades to WordPress 2.7

I hate upgrades. I don’t care what it is, upgrading software sucks.

I’ve worked in the tech industry for a while, and the nemesis of every IT person in the world is the software upgrade.

Since I hate it so much, all my blogs have been running on a WordPress 2.2 version. If you use WordPress, you know that 2.5 was a major revision.

This morning I decided to do an upgrade. I installed 2.7 and immediately found some things that were broken.

Popularity Contest, the neato plugin that puts the popularity number at the bottom of each post, had a fatal error. Andrew Daum had a great post with a nice video that explained how to fix Popularity Contest

The Now Reading plugin that I use to list the books I’m reading also had some issues. Found an update in a post entitled Now Reading for WordPress 2.7

Also upgraded the nextgen gallery plugin that s my photo albums. This actually went smoothly and I was able to use the automatic update feature of WordPress.

After upgrading I found out that Ultimate Tag Warrior is no longer supported because tagging is built into WordPress now. That’s unfortunate because I had every post tagged and now those all went away. If there is a way to convert my old tags into the WordPress format, somebody please let me know.

Finally, and this was one of the big reasons I upgraded, I installed the Post Ideas plugin that helps managed ideas for new posts. So far I’m a little pleased, only thing I didn’t like is when I went to write this post it didn’t move my notes over anywhere like I expected it to. No problem, just a quirky thing.

So, WordPress is all up to date, only took a couple hours. Still have time left to take down some Christmas lights, get to the gym and be back in time to watch the Falcons crush the Cardinals.