Lack of information

What is with people and their websites? Do most people not realize we don’t all know who you are or where you are from? Does it not cross to the average web designer’s mind that the Internet is a GLOBAL thing and visitors only know where you are if you tell them?

Case in point, I have some friends, Larry and Ginger Darrington who run a company named Angel Light Pyrotechnics. They do fireworks s and other pyrotechnic stuff (hence the name).

We saw Larry recently, and he told us about an upcoming air show with a WWII re-enactment that he was shooting for. Explosions, vintage airplanes, sounds like a good time to me. Well, this show is tomorrow, so we decided to go. I couldn’t remember where it was, so I did some searching. Of course, the first place I went was the Angel Light site. They had nice pictures, but not dates/times/locations/directions. Next I started looking for the air show. Hunted all over, finally found a link to the air show from a UK based site (none of the US sites I could find listed it). Finally found the National Radial Engine Exhibition site. Nice picture of a parachuter, and even a admonition to “Come spend the day…”, but no directions, no schedule, no maps, nothing. Even checked the Washington County website, which was (incorrectly) listed in the National Radial Engine Exhibition site, no significant information there either.

Thing is, this show is in Akron Colorado an eastern Colorado farming community of 1700 people. You would think an event like this would be a big deal for the local economy. You would think it would be worthwhile to publicize it a LITTLE.

Sometimes I just don’t get the logic of some of these people