Slug the President?

Senator elect Jim Webb had a confrontation with the President today that made him angry enough that he wanted to hit George W. The President's offending remark? “How’s your boy?”

Apperantly this innocent sounding comment about Webb's son, who's military service incidentally made up the majority of Webb's election platform, was so offending that he wanted to strike the Commander In Chief.

Now I in NO WAY support any sort of violence toward the President of the United States, it would have been interesting if this jerk had hit George W. It would have been hard for him to be a senator after the Secret Service arrested him. I'm not sure what the penalty is for assaulting the President, but I'm sure it's steep. I hope the great state of Virgina is proud of electing this man to the Senate – he sure isn't acting in the way most of us would expect a Senator to act.

On the other hand, maybe we should all follow his lead. I encourage every father out there to give the next guy who asks about your offspring a knuckle sandwich!