Close your eyes

Saw an article on an interesting study about sex and teenagers today. Appearantly the media is to blame for promiscuity among teenagers.

Now to be honest, I think it's more the interpretation of the results than the results themselves that bother me. The study appears to say that kids that watch more sexually suggestive material are the same kids that have sex at a younger age. The question is, which is the cause, or are both just common traits of teenage behaviour.

The real issue here is the current trend of promiscuity in teenagers. This study seems to be just another smokescreen for the real issue. The problem has more to do with relationships than it does sex. Today's kids are the product of a generation that was raised with one of two attitudes.

1. Sex is great, do whatever you want just wear a condom.
2. Sex is evil. Don't date, just be friends and hang out in groups.

Neither group did a good job of teaching kids how to socialize, how to form relationships, how to date and ultimately how to properly have sexual relationships. Until the last 40-50 years parents in the US and previously European cultures have had a significant role in not only teaching their children about relationships, but helping those children find suitable mates. In the last several decades parents have been pushed out/avoided that role. Sadly, the result is a bunch of adults in their 20s and 30s that are now either afraid to commit, completely unskilled at having any kind of relationship or just completely disillusioned about being vulnerable to anyone about anything.

“Reflections on Ice-Breaking”

Now, I may just be dumb, but this is a saying I heard for years but never really understood. It's something I've heard my parents and grandparents say, and I just thought it was a cute little saying. It wasn't until I saw the quote today, with the title, that I finally figured out what Mr. Nash was actually talking about.

“Reflections on Ice-Breaking”
Is dandy
But liquor
Is quicker.
— Ogden Nash

Going to the Dogs

My nephew John is going to be 2 in one week. For his birthday my sister said I could get him a dog. I know, many of you are probably thinking ‘why would you get a two year old a dog’? Well, here’s the thing. They have a dog, but she’s a pekingese and isn’t fond of kids. Not much fun to play with. I have two dogs, a beagle and a basset (Lucy and Ethel) and John LOVES to play with these dogs. They are planning on having more children, so I’m not sure when there will be a better time to get him a dog and my sister would like to not have a puppy and a baby to deal with at the same time.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? You are probably thinking ‘Just buy the kid a dog – why are you writing about this???’ Here’s the problem. We can’t settle on a breed. I have researched every site I can find and the more I read the more complicated it gets. My sister wants a small dog (ideally around 15 lbs) that will be well behaved, but sturdy enough to play with John. I want to get him a boy’s dog. No Lhasa Ahpsos, Pomeranians, etc… I would love to get him a beagle, but my brother-in-law vetoed that idea – doesn’t care for Lucy’s baying. I thought I had settled on a Sheltie. At least on site I read said they are good with kids and a good family dog. They are a working breed so should be fairly sturdy. Unfortunately my sister visited a family member this week that told her they are terrible with children, plus she didn’t think a puppy for any child under 5 was a good idea, so I’m back at square one. As I said, I have 7 days to find a suitable pet (actually I’m not really that worried about any deadlines).

So, now I have a decision to make. My latest plan is to visit the local humane society(s) and rescue shelters. Perhaps we would be better with a young dog (2 years) rather than a puppy. My concern is some rescued dogs have been abused and are more neurotic than usual. I want to find them a good dog – mostly because it will probably end up at my house if it’s not good. If anyone out there has suggestions or ideas, please let me know.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Yesterday NFL commisioner, Paul Tagliabue, announced his retirement in July. Now his biggest job is to name his successor. Mr. Tagliabue, just wanted you to know I’m available. I’m the perfect candidate, lifelong football fan, smart, driven, young. How could the league not want me?

Unfortunately, I’m guessing the league isn’t going to come knocking on my door. There have been some names thrown around already, the most notable of which is Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. Dr. Rice currently is stating she’s not interested in the position. Dr. Rice,if you are reading, take my advice. Take the job. You are going to be Secretary of State for what, three more years max. Tagliabue was commisioner for 16. I know, I know, you’re thinking about running for president. Unfortunately, the Republican party probably isn’t ready to nominate you. On the other hand, think what you could accomplish as commisioner. You would be the ACTUAL most powerful person in the world, not just some poser like the president.

So, before Dr. Rice reads this I want to make a couple suggestions for the new commisioner:

  1. Stop only playing the Super Bowl in nice weather.

    Forcing the Super Bowl to only be played in warm weather stadiums, or in domes is just not what football is all about. I want to see Dallas play Miami in New England. Just rotate around the league and whatever stadium is up is the city that hosts the game.
  2. Get rid of the whiners

    The NFL is quickly emulating the NBA. We have players like Terrell Owens that are making a mockery out of the sport. Let’s crack down on some of these spoiled kids and get some respect back in the league.
  3. Change the draft

    Obviously having good picks in the draft don’t generally make a team better. A team the is in the cellar often stays there, despite high draft picks year after year. Look at the Bengals, until recently, the Texans, the Cardinals, etc… Let’s change the draft to some type of lottery system so the best college atheletes at LEAST get a chance to play on a competitive team.
  4. Stop focusing so much on the money

    During Paul Tagliabue’s tenure as commissioner league revenues went through the roof. He has done a fantastic job at making the league more profitable. While this is a good thing for business, I’m not sure it’s a good thing for the game. Too many times the league comes across as greedy. Let’s get back to what’s really important, the competition and spirit of the game and let’s move away from the desire to make everyone a billionaire.

Hopefully Tagliabue will pick a good successor. Personally, my preference would be an outsider like Rice, someone actually involved with a team as a coach or GM like Rich McKay. Let’s hope for the best, and remember, if anyone asks who you would like to see, nominate me!!!

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href=””>Swift Newspapers, Inc. the same company that owns the Greeley Tribune. Now I’m all for increased internet usage in Northern Colorado, but I’m not keen on one company controlling it all. Please, if you are going to list a classified ad on be aware that you are just throwing more money to some out of state company that already controls much of the region’s news and advertising revenue.

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