Opera Tricks

I have used Opera for many years, and it is still my browser of choice. Faster the firefox, more standards compliant than IE and (I think) the first browser to incorporate tabbed browsing, using Opera is a pleasant experience.

One of the drawbacks in Opera is it’s default download process. While better than the Firefox download manager, the constant appearance of the Transfer window, while informative, can be annoying. Every time a file is downloaded, by default the transfer window becomes the active tab.

Last week I did some research and found this is easily remedied.

First, you need to access the transfer tab. This is accomplished by the handy keyboard shortcut ++T
Second, the behavior of the transfer tab can be altered by clicking the View dropdown button at the top of the screen and changing
Show Transfers when starting download
Show Transfers in background when starting download

Now when I download multiple files I don’t have to move back and forth between the transfer tab and my original active tab, plus, with a quick ++T I can view the transfer window and see all my valuable download information.