Nascar Fans react to fake Obama article

In honor of April Fools, Car and Driver ran an article yesterday that reported President Obama was going to force Chevrolet and Dodge out of Nascar in exchange for a Government bailout. Nascar fans didn’t react well.

“Just when we thought we could take a breather from Barack Obama’s wacky policies, he reached across the Atlantic today to drop another one on us,” wrote Sandra Rose at “Naturally, NASCAR fans are outraged.”

Maybe it’s time for this silly Internet April Fool’s nonsense to end. We all count on these websites for accurate information, but have to sift through these fake stories, not just for one day, but for all of eternity because nothing ever dissappears on the Internet (except for this Car and Driver article). The stories just get more contrived an annoying – how irritating would it be if every newspaper in the country ran fake headlines on April 1st. With traditional media going away and the ‘new media’ becoming the standard, maybe it’s time to act a little more grown up.