Microsoft’s not dead, just selling Kinects

Last week, John Dvorak had a column entitled Microsoft is dead money for investors
Commentary: Software giant is too conservative and late to the game

Dvorak’s opinion is based on comments that Microsoft won’t have a tablet product out until next year…

The company looks like it has an ingrained fear of failure, resulting in an incredibly cautious approach to everything. You’d think this would result in a mistake-free corporate environment, but the opposite seems true.

Generally speaking, the high-tech sector is a lot like football. Playing not to lose results in a preoccupation with losing, and eventually losing.

Microsoft is in perpetual defense: When it has the ball, the company does not want to take any risks, so runs up the middle for no yardage.

Apparently Dvorak is just looking at the wrong products. To extend his football analogy, Microsoft just ran a gadget play for a score. The Microsoft Kinects just set a Guiness World Record for the fastest selling consumer electronic device of ALL TIME.

The news comes from Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson who made the announcement via Twitter by saying, “News: 10 Million Kinect Sensors and more than 10 Million Kinect Games Sold to Date.”

This makes the Kinect the fastest selling consumer electronics device according to Guiness.

So while everyone else is fiddling with smartphones and pads, which I’m sure have zip for margins because of the competition, Microsoft has made the hottest gaming console add on ever. Not sure that makes them dead money

Looks like tablets are a bubble and might not be the best product to be producing right now…