It’s Fox’s U-Bet

I have a bit of sweet tooth. Now this sugar addiction isn't for normal things like Gummie Bears or Hot Tamales (although I am a big fan of Dots). I have more of a penchant for baked goods. Not out-of-the-box desserts, but things that require a bit of work and talent, more like what Grandma makes. Fortunately I have a sister that enjoys creating these types of items. She bakes for me while I cook for her.

When I am out and about I am constantly on the lookout for new recipes. Recently I stopped at a garage sale and found a new cookbook. It was a collection from Junior's restaurant in Brooklyn. In this book are several recipes for things like egg cremes using a chocolate syrup named Fox's U-Bet. Being an aficionado for anything unusual I decided to order some Fox's U-Bet and make an egg creme.

Last Friday my order of Fox's U-Bet arrived, so on Saturday we made some egg cremes. The conclusion was less than stellar. Neither my sister, brother-in-law, nephew or I were greatly impressed. It's an interesting and unusual concotion, at least for a Colorado boy like me, but definitely not a new favorite. Perhaps they would be better from a soda fountain, but our homemade rendition was not spectacular.

One bright spot out of this endeavour was the Fox's U-Bet. It is definitely different than the Hershey's product that is in stores everywhere and amounted to a nice change. If you are a chocolate syrup fan (and who isn't) I would definitely suggest buying a bottle and giving it a shot.

My next acquisition of culinary delight? Probably Bosco Chocolate Syrup. While researching Fox's I found some references that said it's even better. We will see…