95 year old WWII Vet finds out he’s not an American Citizen?

Ninety Five year old Leeland Davidson of Washington wanted to visit relatives in Canada and needed an ‘enhanced drivers license’ to do it. The license was denied because he ‘wasn’t a citizen’ in spite of being born to two US Citizens from Nebraska? Since his parents were born in Nebraska before there were good records, and Leeland was born in British Columbia, the US government has decided he isn’t a citizen. When he decided to pursue the citizenship issue, the officials at the US Passport office threatened to deport him and take away his Social Security

What is wrong with this country?

I live in a town with hundreds if not thousands of illegal immigrants. They are working on every construction site and shopping at the Wal-Mart, but someone is wasting resources threatening a 95 year old World War II vet that has lived in this country his whole life.

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