We need a new environmental disaster movie!

Global catastrophe always makes for a good thrillers. Radioactive spiders, thermonuclear war or even global warming as in 2004’s The Day After Tomorrow. Know it looks like the Obama administration is writing the script for a brand new film – hopefully we will all be around to watch this one.

President Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, says the White House has discussed plans for ‘geoengineering’ to stop global warming. Options include shooting sulphur into the upper atmosphere to simulate a volcanic eruption and building giant towers to such the CO2 out of the atmosphere. Seriously? Have these guys never watched an environmental disaster movie? Isn’t it fairly obvious that mucking around with the environment is probably a bad idea? What’s next, Skynet? I hope somebody makes this movie, I just hope it isn’t a documentary…

Bob Weber

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