Upgrading Slackware

Slackware is my Linux distribution of choice. In fact, I am writing this post from my Slackware machine via Opera. I use it every day, all day.

This week Patrick released Slackware 12.0.

Now I am still running Slackware 10.2. Why didn’t I upgrade to 11? Never had time. Upgrading any operating system is a monumental task, especially when you use, tweak and customize it as much as I do.

Now my quandry. I don’t want to get too far behind, so an upgrade to 12.0 is a good idea, plus a newer version could help some issues I’ve had with my 22″ monitor. The big problem is how to do it. I’ve used the Slackware upgrade procedure before – with good results, but a full install may serve me better. A former co-worker of mine used to recommend moving the existing root partition into a new directory and doing a full install. This may be a good procedure, if I have adequate space, of course I will still need to recreate some of my confirguration for X, no-ip, iptables, samba, etc…

Bottom line, it’s a big job and I just can’t loose too much productivity right now.

Any suggestions on a seamless transfer will be greatly appreciated.

Bob Weber

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