Tornadoes in Northern Colorado

Weather in Northern Colorado has been bizarre all spring. We haven’t had the typical nice weather that makes spring in the Rockies so great. Today was just the cap on the spring weather.

Six tornadoes were spotted in Northern Colorado. The biggest starting in Johnstown moving north through Windsor and on to Wellington.

I have lived in this area my whole life, and this is the first time I remember a tornado actually causing damage. In fact, I don’t remember much for tornado warnings since I was in elementary school.

This morning, I was working away and the power went out. I got a call from a girl I work with who’s mother lives in Windsor. She said they just had the worst hailstorm she’d ever seen. I started making phone calls to make sure everyone new what was going on, little did I know that within a few miles of my home a tornado was cutting a path of destruction.

If you are looking for pictures, the Coloradoan has two nice photo galleries
Windsor storm damage pictures
Photos by Windsor Beacon freelance photographer Carol Hirata