Thoughts on self-employment

One thing just struck me this week. After six months of self employment I made a realization.

For my whole work life, my normal day was spent watching the clock. This isn’t to say that I didn’t have a good work ethic and my employers weren’t happy with my work, but every day was a timed event.

These days I find that work is much different. I still work a fairly normal 8-5 work day, of course with much more flexibility, but I gauge my day much more on the tasks that are in my inbox. I often find myself working on things late into the night, or on the weekends. The days seem to flow together much differently than they used to.

Bob Weber

My name is Bob Weber and I live in Greeley Colorado. This blog is my personal views, ideas, comments, etc.. You will probably learn more about me by reading the entries here than you will in this bio.