Happy Leap Day

Here’s hoping everyone had a nice leap day.

Want to apologize for the lack of content this week. I’ve been busy trying to get all caught up on work. Planning a trip to Moab next weekend, and I want to have as much done as possible.

Look for more next week, and soon new Pics from Moab.

2007 Easter Jeep Safari

Across the Rocky Mountains and past Grand Junction, just a few miles across the Utah border sits the town of Moab.

Moab is legendary with four wheelers, mountain bikers and hikers alike. With hundreds of amazing trails and fantastic canyonland scenery it is the ultimate destination for anyone interested in off-road activities.

Suburban on the trail
Being short on cash, Jeff just getting started on his XJ project, and my Scout being in a perpetual state of unreadiness, Jason, Jeff and I just hopped in the Suburban and headed down for some sight seeing. We met up with Mike and his friend from Cheyenne, and had a great weekend of trail riding – I have the pictures to prove it.

Special thanks to Mike and T&T Customs for letting us ride along in their Rigs. A good time was had by all.