Hajnal Ban admits to getting taller

In the bizzarre news story of the week, Austrailian politician Hajnal Ban admits to having leg lengthing sugery.

The 31 year old woman just went public with an admission that she had a surgical procedure to lengthen her legs and increase her height from 5’1″ to 5’4″. The procedure took nine months where Russian doctors broke her legs in four places and lengthened them 1mm every day. She was 23 at the time.

Her reason for completing this procedure? To ‘be more credible’ in her profession. As sad as it is, I’m guessing it has worked for her, and her height has helped her career. This is an interesting trend, and validation, for many kinds of cosmetic surgery these days. Improving your appearance has gone beyond vanity and is making an impact on the workplace. We’ve seen older people get facelifts to get better jobs, now people are being made taller to get better jobs. Individuals can’t be faulted for using every available technique to succeed, but it does make you wonder where it will all end.