Super Bowl – Cardinals vs Steelers

Just got home from watching a history making Super Bowl 43. This game was one for the ages before it even started with the appearance of Kurt Warner – only the 2nd quarterback to ever lead two different teams to a Super Bowl (the other being the infamous Broncos QB – Craig Morton). This simple fact puts Kurt in the running (in my mind at least) for the title of ‘Best Quarterback Ever’.

This was a fantastic game with back and forth swings, a safety and an eventual win by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it was not without it’s frustrations and controversies.

First off, what was with the blurriness in the camera work? This may have only been on the HD feed that we were watching, but each time the camera went to the field to show a play it started out blurry and in a second or less cleared up to the crystal clarity that we expect from the high priced HD. Initially I thought this was due to some camera malfunction, but since it went on the whole game I’m guessing it was some cutesy camera work by NBC who hasn’t televised a Super Bowl in 11 years and has apparently forgot it wasn’t supposed to have weird effects.

The second frustration was the advertisements from SkyBet Promo Code. They were extraordinarily lame. NBC had difficulty selling them out, and the advertisers must have had problems thinking up ideas. Even the highly promoted 3-D Monsters vs. Aliens promo was pretty lame (I hadn’t researched it and thought it would be a super cool AVP sequel, not a Dreamworks cartoon).

Finally, and most importantly, was the ‘fumble’ by Kurt Warner at the end of the game. With 5 seconds left on the clock LaMarr Woodley’s tackled Kurt Warner causing what might have been a fumble. The replay clearly showed the ball in Warner’s hand and moving forward, but the booth declined to force a review. If this call had been overturned, and the 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty been enforced, the Cardinals might have scored on the final play of the game. Instead the Steelers downed the ball and the game ended.

It’s only fitting that in a season full of officiating controversy that the championship game would end on yet another flub by the referees.

Super Bowl 43 was one of the most exciting ever, and I offer a hearty congratulations to both teams; the Pittsburgh Steelers for a great win and the Arizona Cardinals for playing right down to the last second. Hopefully Roger Goodell will take work out some of the problems with the refs and review process, the commercials will be back to what we expect next year and the game will go back to FOX where it belongs.