Lightbulb test results (CFL vs Incandescent)

For those of you paying attention, back in January of 07 I started a test to compare the longevity of Compact Flourescents with Incandescent light bulbs.

So far the results have been heavily in favor of the CFLs. In the test I have replaced two diffe.

Now there still may not be a cost advantage to the CFLs due to the large difference in price between the two, but the convenience factor is huge, and the power savings may have made up for the price by now ( I haven’t really noticed a big difference in my electric billrent bulbs at the same time, one with a CFL and one with an Incandescent. I just replaced the Incandescent for the third time in almost 3 years. I have not replaced the CFL).

The test will continue, at least until I run out of spare Incandescent bulbs in my closet.