Hawaii 5-0 – Grace Park gets to “Bing It” with her Windows 7 phone

If you have seen the 2010 reincarnation of Hawaii 5-0 you know that it’s really just a big commercial. The Chevy Camaro product placement is over the top obvious. Each episode is like a Super Bowl commercial for GM.

I have no problem with this. Since, like many of you, I primarily use my Tivo to watch TV, I don’t pay much attention to commercials these days. If product placement helps CBS pay the bills, I say go for it.

The thing that was amusing about this week’s episode was Microsoft’s attempt at genericizing their trademark by writing a line for Grace Park that uses “bing” as a verb.

The funny thing about this is it’s absurdity. It would have been so much more natural if Chin had told Kono to “google it” on Bing…

Bob Weber

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