Easter Breakfast Ham?

I may have unwittingly started an Easter tradition. My great-grandmother was German. Her family were German colonists in Russia in the 19th century. When the Czar started kicking them out, they decided to come to America and settled in Colorado. My grandfather grew up with German food, and one of these dishes was Blinna, a thin German pancake. Grandma used to make these quite often, but in recent years hasn’t so much – I think it just got to be too difficult to feed the whole family.

Last year for Easter we decided to surprise everyone and make Blinna for Easter dinner. This was a huge success. So huge in fact, we are doing it again this year.

To accompany the Blinna, it’s been decided we will also prepare a ham, at least partially to placate my mother who wants a traditional Easter dinner. My sister has said we should make ‘breakfast ham’. So my question to you is, what is ‘breakfast ham’? How does it differ from a traditional baked Easter ham? Any ideas?