All The Info upgrades to WordPress 2.7

I hate upgrades. I don’t care what it is, upgrading software sucks.

I’ve worked in the tech industry for a while, and the nemesis of every IT person in the world is the software upgrade.

Since I hate it so much, all my blogs have been running on a WordPress 2.2 version. If you use WordPress, you know that 2.5 was a major revision.

This morning I decided to do an upgrade. I installed 2.7 and immediately found some things that were broken.

Popularity Contest, the neato plugin that puts the popularity number at the bottom of each post, had a fatal error. Andrew Daum had a great post with a nice video that explained how to fix Popularity Contest

The Now Reading plugin that I use to list the books I’m reading also had some issues. Found an update in a post entitled Now Reading for WordPress 2.7

Also upgraded the nextgen gallery plugin that displays my photo albums. This actually went smoothly and I was able to use the automatic update feature of WordPress.

After upgrading I found out that Ultimate Tag Warrior is no longer supported because tagging is built into WordPress now. That’s unfortunate because I had every post tagged and now those all went away. If there is a way to convert my old tags into the WordPress format, somebody please let me know.

Finally, and this was one of the big reasons I upgraded, I installed the Post Ideas plugin that helps managed ideas for new posts. So far I’m a little pleased, only thing I didn’t like is when I went to write this post it didn’t move my notes over anywhere like I expected it to. No problem, just a quirky thing.

So, WordPress is all up to date, only took a couple hours. Still have time left to take down some Christmas lights, get to the gym and be back in time to watch the Falcons crush the Cardinals.

Bob Weber

My name is Bob Weber and I live in Greeley Colorado. This blog is my personal views, ideas, comments, etc.. You will probably learn more about me by reading the entries here than you will in this bio.

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  1. WordPress has a built-in UTW->WP tag converter. Go to Tools >> Import and you should see an Ultimate Tag Warrior option.

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