All The Info 2.0

So it appears I've been bitten by the blog bug. As a result, I intend to to transform into a Web 2.0 site.

Actually, that's not exactly true. I think Web 2.0 is one of those lame buzzwords that don't really mean anything. What I do intend to do is incorporate more of my own thoughts and writing into this site in more of a blog format. Ideally it will incoroporate rss feeds, technorati and links and the whole works so I can sell some advertising and retire to the bahamas. Hey, it seems to be working for everyone else. I do also have more altruistic motivations and desires to put my ideas down in a public place where google cache will it to future generations for all eternity.

So, in accordance with my new idea, here is my plan.

I am going to write blog entries. I type fast, and I'm a little opinionated, so I can probably put a ton of content out here in a hurry.

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